Super Mario: A mega collection of remasters coming soon for Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo has a big surprise in store for Super Mario’s 35th birthday. Several well-informed media outlets are announcing a collection of games revisiting most of the franchise’s classics, in remastered versions please.

Super Mario Nintendo Switch
Super Mario has cradled the childhood of several generations of fans and continues to write its history on Nintendo Switch with a Super Mario Odyssey that has been among the top 3 best-selling games on the hybrid console since its launch. For nostalgic fans, as well as younger ones who want to discover or relive the franchise’s classics, Nintendo is preparing a surprise collection to celebrate Super Mario’s 35th anniversary.

The information comes to us from the Video Games Chronicles website, which is often well informed. The news has since been confirmed by Eurogamer and VentureBeat. Big N is reportedly preparing a collection of most of the Super Mario games released over the past four decades: from Super Mario Bros. (1985), Super Mario Galaxy (2007) and Super Mario Sunshine (2002).

Eurogamer goes one step further and calls it the “Super Mario All-Stars 2” collection, referring to the franchise’s first compilation (1993) of Super Mario games released in the 1980s. The new collection would also include remastered versions of Super Mario 64.

There is also talk of a Deluxe version of Super Mario 3D World, as well as a new episode for Paper Mario. Finally, Nintendo will announce the collection in the near future and will also take the opportunity to unveil details about the Super Mario Bros. movie scheduled for release in 2022, as well as the Super Nintendo World amusement park that will soon open at Universal Studios in Tokyo.


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